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Future courses:


University of California -- Davis


FALL 2024

Asian American Cultural Studies (ASA 004) 

Disability Studies (ASA 189)

Science and Race (STS 140)

Past courses:

Pacific Graduate Institute

Visiting Faculty in the Graduate Program in Community, Liberation, Indigenous, Ecopsychology

Performance Ecologies

Graduate Thesis Advisor

Pomona College

Visiting Assistant Professor, Program in Gender and Women's Studies

Introduction to Gender and Women's Studies (Each Semester)

Critical Disability Studies (SP 2022)

Decolonizing Sex and Gender in Asian/America (FA 2021)

Race, Gender, and the Environment (SP 2021)

Critical Disability Studies (FA 2020)

University of California -- Berkeley

Department of Gender and Women's Studies

Gender Women's Studies

Performing Ecologies: Race and Gender in the Human/Nonhuman World

*sponsored by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation and CalPerformances

Department of Theater, Dance, and Performance Studies

Writing and Research Seminar

Disability, Debility, and Access: Writing in Academia

Writing and Research Seminar

Performing Asia America: Race, Sex, and Disability


Drama of American Culture: An Introduction to Our Theater

Graduate Student Instructor for Professor Philip Kan Gotanda

Writing and Analysis Seminar

Acts of Redress: Performances of War and Memory

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